16th October 2017


Crowdfunding provides a great opportunity to get to know your backers. Kickstarter has allowed us to reach out directly to so many customers and learn from them exactly how BOB fits into their lives. After our campaigning on Kickstarter we surveyed 700 backers to find out what they thought of their BOBs and how we could improve them. The team then funnelled all of this experience into the design ready for our next run of BOBs.

We made sure to keep what people loved about the first model (minimalist appearance, function, magnetic closure) whilst adding some extra features:

Soft-touch non-slip coating

A problem for BOB lovers on the move was that BOB could slide about on unsteady airplane trays or slip slowly down sloped train tables. We added an unobtrusive non-slip coating to the outside of the product which not only increases friction but also feels great.

Foam device rest

This creates a new secure high friction rib to hold your devise in place gently without risk of scratching or bashing edge of the screen. It allows much larger and more rounded devices to be displayed in BOB without fear of them slipping out if BOB gets bumped.


We have also swapped out our old inlay for a fabric that is extra fray resistant and easier to wipe clean.


We have tested BOB to check that it provides durable protection for your glasses.

Our weight gauge tops out at 40kg but from our very scientific tests of standing on it, we know that BOB can take at least 75Kg no trouble! The wings are the most fragile part but due to the bracing they can still handle a whole 10kg with no damage. We believe this makes BOB the strongest toughest case on the market. So you have total piece of mind, BOB will stop your glasses from getting crushed in bags while travelling.